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Acrylic Sign Holders & Acrylic Photo Frames
We offer a wide range of sign holders, acrylic frames, picture frames, and acrylic photo frames. Acrylic sign holders an attractive way to display pictures or signs in your store, business, or in your home.

We carry several sizes with a business card attachment, brocure pocket, or cell phone holder attachment. These attachments are available to be put onto nearly any of our stock acrylic items. Deluxe sign holders are made from a sturdy 1/8" thick acrylic with polished edges, Economy sign holders are made from a thinner 1/16" thick acrylic with frosted edges.

We carry over 100 different sizes and styles of acrylic sign holders and acrylic photo frames in stock for immediate shipment.
Deluxe Sign Holders & Acrylic Frames
1/8" Thick Acrylic with Polished Edges
slantback sign holder
bottom loading sign holders
top loading sign holders
wall sign holder
slatwall sign holder
gridwall sign holder
acrylic photo frames
acrylic frames
Economy Sign Holders
Thin Acrylic with Frosted Edges
plastic sign holder
acrylic sign holder
cheap sign holder

Plastics Mart 2006

Plastics Mart has over 20 years experience designing, fabricating, and manufacturing acrylic displays.

We produce and stock a large variety of acrylic displays including: acrylic cubes, apparel displays, ballot boxes, book easels, brochure holders, acrylic brochure holders, plastic brochure holders, business card holders, card racks, cell phone displays, CD Displays, earring stands, display easels, egg stands, acrylic jewelry displays, electronics displays, eyewear displays, gridwall shelves, gridwall sign holders, acrylic gridwall displays, hosiery displays, necklace displays, jewelry stands, literature holders, acrylic mirrors, ornament stands, acrylic pedestals, pen displays, pen stands, plate racks, plate easels, acrylic risers, shoe risers, acrylic showcases, sign holders, signholders, acrylic sign holders, plastic sign holders, slatwall shelves, slatwall sign holders, acrylic slatwall displays, spoon displays, acrylic stairway displays, sticker racks, ribbon displays, acrylic trays, etc.

We sell wholesale to large chain stores, Book stores, gift stores, novelty stores, electronic stores, music stores, pawn shops, jewelry stores, cell phone stores, video stores, hardware stores, bridal stores, and hospital gift shops.